March 24, 2010


Kamryn's personality is night and day compared to Clara's personality so far. She's been driving me nuts lately, always wanting to be held, getting hurt feelings over the smallest things, hitting, biting, pulling hair.... it's no fun. So this post is dedicated to the top 10 things we love about Kamryn so I don't go completely crazy.

1. Your chubby little kissable lips
2. The way you say WOOOOW when you see something new
3. Your short lived snuggles
4. Your tickle spot under your chin.
5. How you instantly jump to daddy when he comes in the room
6. Your chushy little body
7. When someone says there gonna getcha you instantly come running to them
8. That you are my identical foot twin (we both have chubby, stubby toes)
9. That you still take 2 relatively longs naps
10. When you are in a good mood, you are so fun to watch and play with

I know there are more reasons but those 10 will do. I love her to pieces and we are all excited for her first birthday party this weekend, she'll be 1 on Tuesday. This was just an impromptu photo shoot while Clara was chalk drawing on the drive way. I plan on having her official 1 year session next week.

This is the face I get most days...

she is fully capable of standing up for a good minute and has even taken a few steps but when i want to get a picture of it, she wont. figures




therams said...

I can't believe you dress your children like this every day. I never take pictures because mine spend most the day in their jammies. You're awesome!

Melissa said...

it's funny, i'm in my pjs all day, glasses, no shower and they always look cute... at least kamryn, i don't have to fix her hair AND we had been out with robert for lunch that day so we all were decent.

Jason said...

I LOVE LOVE her lips. And I have to add #11...beautiful blue eyes . Ugh, that's all I want in one of my blue eyes!

Um, ok, and I have to tell you from experience with my own Kamryn...she was naughty for 3 straight years, but now, my most amazingly helper side kick. Honeslty I woudl have never imagined her being this SUPERLY FANTASTIC! Your day will come, hopefully sooner than mine did. haha.

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

She's a doll! I could just eat those chubby little ankles in those sandals right up!! :-) Way too cute!!