March 23, 2010

Spring Snow

I know winter lasts longer up north, but when you arrive in Utah with 50 degree weather, beautiful blue skies, and a bright sun the last thing you would expect would be for it to snow the next day. Although my whole world is being turned upside down because it just snowed in Texas last weekend. Regardless of the weather, my cousin and her new hubby were beyond cute, so excited to be married and so in love. The weather hardly put a damper on their spirits. It was a fun experience to photograph at the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. It was my first wedding there and had it not been 35 degrees, wet, and snowing I would have been able to take pictures there all day. So maybe it was a good idea the weather was so crummy, they might not have made it to their reception :). I hope you love birds enjoy your preview, welcome to the family Josh!

rain or snow






JSM building



Jenna said...

I love that last shot! I think you're lucky to have had the chance to shoot at the SLC temple. I'd love to do the same someday.

Jen said...

Gorgeous pics - I'm so happy for those two lovebirds!

Curtis Rasmussen said...

Damn (I mean darn) these are goooooood!