December 15, 2008

gotta love bath pics

Now that i have some free time, i have time to get back to photographing my favorite little subject.






Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

Beautiful! I wish my kids bath pics looked half as good!

Chelsea said...

these are so cute! i just love the first and the third! too cute!!!

kristal said...

oh my gosh! That first picture is soooo stinking cute! Hey, so my nephew in law (brennon) works for the airlines, so I might be able to come out and see you soon now! Don't hold your breath obviously, but I'm pretty excited about it!

Melissa said...

hot dang! that would be great! i'll hold my breath a little bit!

Staci said...

Melissa that first picture better be entered in some type of cutest kid contest. She is soo adorable!

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

man I wish I lived in Texas! Your pictures are gorgeous. I found your blog through a bunch of other blogs. I am so glad I found it because I find you an inspiration for my own love of photography. Thanks so much.