October 6, 2008

More Cute Hats

Here are 2 other adorable hats from Loopy 4 Ewe I just love the flapper style of them! These are my cutie cousins as well, I think I have the best looking family ever :)







Jen said...

See...I knew they would turn out INCREDIBLE, they always do! I am so thrilled, I sure do love those girls. You're the best!

Claire said...

Jolene (is she your aunt?... she's my 'old' missionary comp) just sent me the link for your blog so I could see your pictures.

oh.. my... goodness. CUTE pics, CUTE kids... CUTE hats... CUTE!!!

You're an amazing photographer!! You don't fancy hopping on a plane over here and taking some decent pics of my kids, do you?? ;)

Intentionally Crooked Paper Boutique said...

What a lovely blog! Love Loopy 4 Ewe's hats!!!!!

Handmade by Melissa said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Love Loopy's hats!!

Christina said...

Aww ... I love the shoes in the last photo!