October 4, 2008

I {heart} fall

I love everything about fall: the cooler weather, the beautiful leaves, the pumpkins, the stews, the crisp air. It's just beautiful... (though it would be more beautiful some where besides Texas)... This little cutie is still growing like a weed! She'll be 1 next month, I can hardly believe it. She wasn't too sure of the pumpkins at first but shortly warmed up and we got some great pictures. This is at the Dallas Arboretum in case any of you would like some fun, fall pictures at a beautiful location.







Brandi said...

These are adorable Melissa. My favorite is the second one! I wish it would cool down a little, it's still too hot for my liking. I have a closet full of sweaters just calling my name!

by: Brian and Lacey McKay said...

I'm really loving all of these shots! I got all excited about pumpkin patches last year, but I was very disappointed to find all of them with nothing but direct sunlight or orange tents that gave off horrible color casts. Was it overcast that day? These images are making me want to drive there just to shoot in that location! Last year, I finally just resorted to buying my own hay bales and pumpkins and taking pics of Abbey on my front porch.

Laurie Mire Photography said...

these are so cute! halloween is so big in south texas but i refuse to do the traditional scary/spooky halloween portrait sessions most photographers do here. but i am loving this idea!! i'll let you know if i do it and how it works out.

Sally said...

I love that last black and white one--she has a great, sweet expression on her face. The colors in the other photos are amazing!