October 7, 2008


I think I've ruined Clara, I can never get her to smile for me any more... well, me behind the camera. She has the sweetest little smile that I wish I could capture more but she just hates me having the camera, it's like a don't exists anymore to her when I have it. She just runs away from me. Oh well, at least she's just as cute with her "seriously mom, not again" face :)





Andrea said...

haha! she is so cute! i love her!

by: Brian and Lacey McKay said...

I feel you.

Chelsea said...

shes so cute! im loving all these posted! making up for lost time?? lets do something soon!!!

Sally said...

She's darling, smiling or not :) I'm sure when she's slightly older, she'll like smiling for the camera again!