November 12, 2007


I was tagged by both Destiny and Michelle to write 7 things about me so here it goes...

7- I'm pretty shy. I really have a hard time meeting new people and talking on the phone but I'm good at pretending that I'm ok with it. 
6-I love to dance. I took 2 ballroom dancing classes at BYU and loved every minute of them. I wasn't the best at most but I could beat anybody at Polka! That's right, 1st place baby!
5-I absolutely love to shop or maybe I just like to spend money, I'm not sure which it is but I rarely go a week without spending money. Even if I don't need anything I still will buy something to feel satisfied. It's bad.
4- I'm a blog-stalker. I look at blogs all day long and check and re-check them to see if anyone has added anything new. So you guys better keep them updated to amuse me. 
3-I love to decorate but I think I'm too poor to do it. I need lots of money to make it look really good. 
2-I love to travel but I don't like airplanes. It just seems a little weird that a giant metal machine can float in the air. I just don't get it. I love road trips and have to go on vacation at least once a year but more often than not twice maybe three times a year. 
1-I Can't think of a last one which might mean I hate thinking about myself. I don't like thinking about what I'm good at, what I'm bad at or what bothers me. I'm not very good with words. 
Ok, that's it. I tag Staci Garner!


Kristal said...

Aww dang, I just tagged you with a fun one! Do it anyways! K, I agree with your #7 since it took us over a year of seeing each other every week to become friends. I'm not shy, it just takes a lot for me to start to like someone. too! I'm jealous you took ballroom dance. I want to see you Polka...this spring/summer!
#5 makes me sad...and miss you
#4. I think we all are becoming that way. Seriously, this is my second time to yours's 9:30am!
#3. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! I want you to come help me with mine. Wait, I don't freakin have a house!
#2. ME TOO! I used to love airplanes, but since I've had kids, I sit in the plane and think about what they'd remember me for when I die. Let's go on a big road trip across the US!
#1. You are the most amazing photographer, and when you get that amazingly pefect shot, you feel how you imagine it would feel to be high! There, done!...Staci blogs?

Melissa said...

yeah, staci just got a blog, she's to the right. I totally would take a cross country trip with you! It would be super fun!

The McKays said...

It's just scary how much alike you and I are. Oh, except the whole dancing thing. I hate to dance except in the privacy of my own home when no one is watching except maybe Abbey.