November 12, 2007

Tagged Again

Ok Kristal, this is for you but like I said i hate thinking about myself so I'm only doing 5 of each in no particular order, just the order they come to me.

5 things I'm passionate about
5. My religion
4. My family
3. food
2. sleep
1. Photography

5 things I want to do before I die
5. Go to Spain with Robert
4. Go on a cruise
3. have grandkids
2. Visit as many temples as possible.
1. Visit all 50 states

5 things I often say
5. Heck Yes!
4. How's it going?
3. Hi Lil' Bit (to Clara)
2. Hey hot stuff (to Robert)
1. Ah Snap!

5 books I've recently read:
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
4. My scriptures
3. ensign
2. I Love You Through and Through (Clara's favorite book)
1. Martha Stewart Living

5 things I could listen to over and over
5. John Mayer - I'm with you Kristal
4. Jason Mraz
3. Rob Thomas
2. Clara jabbering to no one on the phone (it is the cutest thing ever!)
1. Robert singing Phil Collins songs to me - cheesy I know!

5 things that attract me to my best friends
5. Common hobbies
4. Reliability
3. Loves to go out to eat for all occasions (no wonder we are such good friends Kristal)
2. They call me or want to hang out with me
1. They think I'm funny

5 things I've learned this past year
5. Texas is too hot and I love Colorado
4. Losing 15 lbs is the only way for me to be happy... ok only partially true.
3. I could never be a vegetarian, i love meat too much.
2. When you husband says fixing up a house will only take 6 weeks, don't believe him.
1. I have the greatest husband in the world and by far the best daughter ever!

Alright, now I'm tagging 5 people: Larissa, Michelle, Tracy, Lacey, and Karon... and Jennie!


Jen said...

Hey - I want in on the action! I love reading your blog and seeing new pictures posted!

Kristal said...

I love your sayings...but what about "hot dang"?! I love when you say that. Ok, and I'd love ot hear Bob's rendition of Phil. Someday

Melissa said...

i do say that a lot and there are other aweesome things i say too but i can never remember when i'm put on the spot!