November 11, 2007

Conquering Fear

If you remember my last post of Clara at the park I told you that Clara was too afraid to venture off onto the playground. She loves the swings but anytime she got near all the crazy blue tubes she would run away and point at the swings again. Well, our last visit she decided she was going to check it out. I started out by putting her on the slide and pushing her down and she thought that was pretty fun, then I went exploring through the tubes and she followed me. She was having a ball though this playground is for a bit bigger crowd, she was able to make it with a little help and just had a ball as you can see. She would go head first down the slides and crawled fast through the tubes I could hardly keep up. She does still love her swings though. I love this first picture because it is one of the only pictures I have of her showing her teeth!


Betancourt Family said...

I love the first one too! She is just soooo adorable!

PS Everytime I mention Clara to Sergio (my husband) his comment is always " I think she is so cute!" and now he's adding "I think that she is getting cutier by the second". So now you can add Sergio's name to Clara's list of adoring fans. :)

Staci said...

Wow, Melissa she is so flippin' adorable.

..l.a.u.r.e.n.. said...

Your child is SO adorable. I love her. I report December 19th. We will have some family get-together business going down before, I promise. BUT that doesn't mean we can do something separate! :) Hope you're well. Love you.