November 13, 2009


I love my littlest clients, they are so sweet, fun, and full of energy but it really is refreshing to photograph a family that I don't have to chase after. This family was an awesome family, so fun to photograph and so good looking too! The awesome part about this session is we never had to leave their neighborhood for any of these pictures! It was a photographers dream neighborhood. So much variety and color. When I pulled up to their house and saw this AMAZING tree I knew I had to get some pictures with it. Unfortunately the field was covered with fire ants and stickers but we made it work and I'm so glad we did, the color is amazing! Only 1 more session and then I'm done with all my Christmas sessions, yay!

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Lacey McKay said...

I was going to say something about that tree before I even read the post! It's amazing! We've lost all of our color around here already, which stinks because I'm not through with my holiday sessions yet! These pics are amazing Melissa! But I wouldn't expect anything less from you girl!