November 13, 2009


Cheesy I know, but me and Larissa really have been best friends for what seems like forever! We have known each other since 7th grade, survived high school together, college roommates, single to married and 2 adorable sets of kids later. It is so nice to have someone I'm so comfortable with, goofy with, and someone I cherish so much. We've made it through a lot together and it has been so awesome getting to still hang out and be close after 14+ years... wow that's a long time. I look forward to growing old with you as much as I do with Robert. Love you girl!

Yes, those are natural curls, so jealous

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Kristal said...

um, wow. Pretty much the most beautiful little girls ever. Didn't these two just get married when I lived in Texas? Where the heck have the last few years gone?! ug, I'm in my 30s now....slow down time!!!! Great shots!!!!