August 27, 2009


I know I post a lot of Clara and you probably think I'm nuts when I say that she hates the camera, I really do get lucky a lot. I have almost given up photographing her because any time I get the camera out, even if I'm just taking pictures of Kamryn, she literally runs away to hide in her bed. Today was a good day. Kamryn has been propping herself on her elbows really good so I wanted to get some pictures of her, I guess Clara got jealous because she wanted her pictures taken too. I was very careful this time to not frighten her so I gently asked if she wanted to put on a dress (she was wearing knee highs, shoes, and a diaper, that's all) she agreed. I picked one out and with only a little protest got her to put it on. I slowly did her hair, grabbed my camera then let her bring what ever she wanted and told her gummy bears would be waiting for her if she looked at the camera. Magic! Now they aren't the best photographs of her I have ever taken, I had to crop out her toys, but they are fun and special memories to me and the whole reason why I even started taking pictures. I love this sweet little 3 year old.





I also want to do better documenting the cute things she says, so I figure this is a good time to start.
She calls a forehead a two-head and tomorrow four-morrow.

She loves old McDonald so she requested I sing it. I let her pick what she wants old McDonald to have on the farm, she picked Clara - so Old McDonald had a Clara who went agggggg (as gergally as you can, that is the noise she makes for Kamryn) Next, Old McDonald had a Kamryn who blew raspberries (sorry, i don't know how to spell raspberry noises, just use your imagination). Finally, old McDonald had a Mommy and what did mommy say?? Mooooo..... thanks Clara.....

Any time Kamryn drolls, she says "Kamryn, that's gross!"

Clara was hungry one night, mostly trying to avoid going to bed. We were standing at the cupboard and she was trying to decide what she wanted. She picked eyes crispies aka rice crispies, I told her no because they were too messy... we stare at each other for a while and she says "Now what?"

When we put her to bed at night - Me: "Good night princess Clara."
Clara: "goodnight princess mommy, good night prince daddy" (it used to be princess daddy, it took us some time to fix that)

Other funny phrases:
"Yes you do!"
"Whachout there's a bug!! Just kidding"
"Who's in the phone?"
"my do it myself"
"Hold still, just a minute" (when she's "cutting" my hair)
"Mommy, I'm a princess! are you a princess?"
"Gowwey" (golly)
"what's so funny?"
"whoa, that was close!"

and to top it all off, Clara only speaks in third person, "Clara needs to go home, Clara needs mommy hugs, Clara needs chocolate milk" She's a funny girl. I'll try to add more as they come though it is more funny in person.

and one from tonight,

Me: Clara, lets go to the kitchen to get you some milk.
Clara: Mommy, you want some milk?
Me: no thank you
Clara: Mommy you want some water? Orange juice? Chocolate milk? Mommy, what do you want?? (said in the tone that I use when I'm getting frustrated with her)
I guess i need to watch how i say things.


Kristal said...

I love this post! So cute! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second picture. Love em all, but the 2nd is my favorite. Um, and you have no idea a girl that hates the camera til you try and take some of my Kam. Even ask Amy B. She won't look and if she does she has to pull a wacky face, that's why I was soo in need of those pictures I thought I lost...we had a rare couple of minutes and that's in for the last 3 or 4 years. ug!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

Yes!! That second one is my fave too! Such a precious post. I have the same problem with my little one and trying to get a good picture. It just breaks my heart I don't have many good ones of her...

Treasure these! :)

Sally said...

Those pictures and sayings are so cute! :) miss you!