August 30, 2009

i love these

This set of pictures were taken the same day as the ones of Clara below, I had more of Kamryn so it took me longer to go through them. I love these so much! Her cute little hat, the drool, the bum, the knee highs. She melts my heart.






Lacey McKay said...

Beautiful! Can I ask about your lighting set up on these? I have that same floor and haven't even tried it out yet! And I've had it for over a month! Anyway, were you indoors or outdoors? It looks like there might have been a large window just behind you and to the left? I think my favorite thing about your photography is how well you light your subjects!

Melissa said...

thanks lacey, i'm in my kitchen next to the large glass sliding doors, they are in front of her and to the left.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, she is so adorable...she reminds of Michelle.

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

So so cute!! These are fabulous! I knew you and that rug would be good friends! ;-)