January 9, 2009

Clara Update


Clara is almost 2 1/2 so I thought I would give you a little update on what's going on in her little world. She has learned to say so many new things that it's hard to remember them all but I will try and remember my favorites. It would be so much cuter to hear her say it but once you turn the camera on her she either runs away or stops talking.

She LOVES to sing a long with the radio, and likes to make everyone sing along to. Her favorite song to sing is Norah Jones "Sunrise" and Jason Mraz "I'm Yours". She will only sing if we are singing with her though so I try and sing as quietly as possible to hear her cute little voice sing. She also sings along to Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Tigger and Pooh.

She is very polite and always say "thank you" or "thank you very much" (real fast so it sounds like one word), "bwess you", "are you ok?", "scuse me" or "don't wowry". She also responds if you ask her if she is ok, "I'm fine" and her new favorite word "nope". Oh, and she never says yes to anything, she just says "ok". She has gotten into the unfortunate habit of waking up early, but you can't be mad at her because she greets you with a huge smile and a hearty "good morning!".

She is very smart, knows all her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and can even tell the difference between a Zero and an O, (that one surprised us). She makes sure we say our prayers every night, and sometimes during nap time and surprisingly the older she gets the more snuggly she has been, we love it!

She is just so much fun and loves to play dowwies with her mom and be swung by her dad. I wish she would stop growing up so fast, it makes me sad but at the same time I ADORE watching her learn and say new things. She really is a little chatter box. We took Daddy out to lunch today and on our way out of the restaurant she made sure to tell everyone she passed by "bye, see ya waiter". I just love her to pieces.


p.s., when she saw this post she said "it's cute Cwara"


amyharrisonphotography said...

Aaaawwwwwe...She is the CUTEST EVER!!!! What a great big sis She's going to be!

Staci said...

Oh my gosh! Your daughter is an angel, can't say I am surprised. I can not believe how much she has grown up. You guys are such good parents! Thanks for the update!

Sally said...

Awwww... SO cute.