November 1, 2008

Twik or tweet

We had a great Halloween yesterday. This year was much more fun than last year, Clara didn't get why but she sure got down the how! She caught on really quick that going to people's doors meant that they were going to give her candy so instead of saying trick or treat she would just say "candy!". Then they would hand her one piece of candy and she would give them a look and say "CANDY!". She knew how to play the game, they of course gave her a couple more pieces. she wouldn't let them put the candy in her bucket either, she had to do it herself. Sometimes she would get so excited with the other kids that they would get their candy and run away and she would run with them without getting hers! And she always said "tank you, bye, and hadoweeeeen" as she left. She was the cutest thing and was just having a great time with her cousins. They were all really cute.





She was very ready to go trick or treating.


Sally said...

Cute kids, cute costumes, awesome photos!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

She looks adorable in her costume! Looks like you all had a great time. :)

Tina said...

How sweet! She looked so cute! I love the 2nd photo of the group. What lens were you using in these?

Melissa said...

i used the 50mm 1.4 on all of these

Kristal said...

awww crap, she's talking better than B. B just said, "eeez!" and "don tooo"...which is please and thank you. Sad. Love her sweet little costume!

Kristin said...

The cutest ballerina ever!!!