October 31, 2008


Who knew someone this cute could drive us so crazy!! Clara is definitely a 2 year old, always pushing the limits, learning to throw fits, stubborn as anything but lately she has been especially hard to handle. We finally got around to getting her a toddler bed, it's been about 2 maybe 3 weeks. She did great for about 3 nights. Now we are constantly battling her to either stay in her bed at nap time and bed time or getting her to go back to sleep after waking up at 2 am crying hysterically. We aren't sure what the problem is and why she wakes up crying so often, but it really is driving us nuts. When she does sleep through the night, she has decided that the floor by the door is more comfortable, safe, I don't know but we are constantly having to put her back into her bed. I think I might get a doggy bed and just put it by the door for her, it would probably be more comfortable than the floor.

Anyways, it's a good thing she's cute or we might have given her away. Just kidding. We love her and luckily all the adorable, fun, sweet things she does makes up for the bad nights.


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Andrea said...

You just brought up a good point, I am not looking forward to this with Tessa!! I love the picture of Clara!! So cute!!