May 15, 2008

Fashion Show

Here we have the beautiful up and coming Model, Miss Clara Belle. She has put together a new line of toddler ensembles that will change the fashion world as we know it.

Her first outfit shows her fun yet serious side as she creates a look of innocence and fun in this light pink summer dress perfect for lounging around the house or a delightful play date.

Next, she pairs this college beanie with a light gray tee. This outfit is fit yet fashionable.

Pair it with a bright pink binkie to add a splash of color and style.

This next outfit is from her evening wear collection and is great for a night out on the town. Pair it with your favorite shoes... preferably matching... for a look that says "Here I am world, look at me!"

Clara makes a bold move by mixing and matching her shoes and wearing her hat side ways. She breaks the mold in the fashion world.

For a more hip look, throw on a pink cowboy hat and a pair of rain boots and have fun!
The possibilities are endless!!

Outfits created by Clara with [a little] help putting them on by Mom.


Chelsea said...

That is the best post yet!! She is so cute, love the narrative!!

Andrea said...

haha!! too cute I love them! I love the mixed match shoes!! those rain boots are cute too!!

Tiffany said...

I love this post! Clara is such a doll and those outfits are all so cute! I love pacifier smiles (that might be part of the reason why its taking me so long to wean Megan from hers) and I LOVE the mismatching shoes. :)

Adam, Hilly and Wes said...

Little girls are so much fun! Clara is such a cutie!! I'm so sorry we haven't kept in touch better, but I check your blog every week! Tell Robert we said Hello.

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

So creative and cute! She's adorable. :)

Staci said...

Melissa, she is so grown up. Every time I see her I just think, Wow, she is so amazing. I love her clothes and her sweet smile. By the way the book Clara is reading at the top is one of our favorites! Tell Clara she has great taste.