June 8, 2007

Things I Love

Thanks Kristal for tagging me to list 7 things that I Love! Here goes....

7- Chocolate cake - seriously - almost any kind but my favorite is Betty Crocker moist dark chocolate - yes - from a box. Go figure! I just love the moist, rich texture though my next favorite would be the double dark chocolate cake at Rafains, There's always room for dessert.

6- My bed - If you know me well you know that I am NOT a morning person, in fact it is the worst time of day. I hate waking up, I hate how I feel after waking up, I HATE alarm clocks, and I hate getting out of my warm, cozy covers. If I could be anywhere right now I would be curled up on my nice pillow top between my cotton sheets and my oh so squishy down comforter, ahhhhh.

5- Macs - Yes Robert, it is true, I have been converted. Robert bought a Mac several months ago and it has become mine. I feel bad because I get to use it more than him and he even slips and calls it my comptuer... BUWHAHAHAHA.... poor guy. I love their features, the colors, and they are so easy to use. I'm on it more than I'm in my comfy bed.

4- Photography - It has become my new obsession and I owe it all to Kristal for inspiring me. She has shown me the light and has helped me find fun places to learn new things. I love photographing Clara, I could take pictures of her every day if I could. I love when people look at their pictures and just love them, it makes me giddy. I have always loved art, I used to draw and since that is so time consuming and I never showcase my results, I have found a new way to show my artistic side and to show off my oh so cute family.

3- Shopping/Clothes - It's simple, if I could spend all my money on clothes I would. Every birthday or holiday I just ask for money so I can go shopping. I love the feeling of new clothes and I love how they look. I have a hard time spending money on accessories, though I am getting better. I have learned that simple outfits can look AMAZING with the righ accessories or shoes. Andrienne is my inspiration, she's got the best sense of style ever.

2- Harry Potter- I am completely obsessed. I'm sure those around me are so sick of hearing it. I love the story, I love the characters and I LOVE reading the books. I get so involved and love to just pretend like I'm in the story. When I was reading it every day I used to have some crazy dreams about me being in the story. I am not a big fan of reading but this is one series I can't put down.

1 - My Family - Of course they are my number one love. I have the greatest husband in the world who is the sweetest, most charming, most handsome, most caring, most perfect for me - guy in the world. He means so much to me and I just love him so much!! And I of course love my precious daughter who just lights up our lives with her sweet little spirit. I adore my parents, my sisters, and brothers (in laws included) and I just think that every single person - extended and all - are just the greatest people in the world. I've always been so lucky to have such a terrific family and people always take notice about how wonderful they are. I love you all!!! And of course I love all my friends that are like family to me - I wont name you just so I don't leave you out, but you know who you are. I'm just thankful for everyone who puts up with me - that takes a special kind of person. :)

OK, I'm tagging Larissa, Tracy Joy Marie and Chelsea. You go girls!!!


Kristal said...

I knew harry would make your list. He holds a special place in your heart. I'm with you on the chocolate cake (rafains is my #1) and the shopping. I miss our shopping trips. You need to move here so we can have them again!
Great list!

Melissa Fullmer said...

Seriously, i need a mall buddy

The McKays said...

Hi! My name is Lacey. My uncle Matt is married to your sister. She was telling me about your blog and said that our daughters are just a few days apart in age. So I decided to check it out. I'm amazed by your photography! You put my work to shame! Anyway, I had a few questions for you, but I wasn't sure how to contact you. Can I email you? My email address is laceymckay@hotmail.com.

Tracy said...

ok, ok, i'm on top of it. life is busy right now but i promise my next blog will be dedicated to you. stay tuned...