April 26, 2007

Home At Last

After 18 months and just about that long stuck in an airport, Melanie finally made it home!! I really wasn't sure I would ever see her again after she was supposed to come home Tuesday but didn't get home till Wednesday afternoon. But luckily she made it! She was so cute in her Ecuadorian garbs. I'm so glad she is home but I know she is sad to have left her mission. I can't imagine spending so long having such structure and discipline and the spirit so strong and then its over once you get used to it. I love her a lot and I think it is so awesome that she went on a mission, I know she made such a difference in many people's lives. But now we need her here :). She's such a precious sister and I love her very much. I'm so glad she finally got to meet her little niece Clarita too!

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