April 3, 2010

I Tried

I was bound and determined to go out and get some great pictures for Kamryn's first birthday. I had so many ideas in my head, I had already decided where on the wall they were going to go, I was set. Kamryn just woke up from her nap, she was in pretty good spirits so I grabbed Robert and we set out to get her 1 year pictures. I dressed Clara up too just in case. Let's just say Kamryn is soooo over me. She hardly cracks a smile for me anymore unless she is being tickled, and that is really hard to do when you are trying to take pictures. I tried everything to get her to laugh, smile, something.... I got nothing. I quickly learned photographing other people's children seem to be easier since I'm new and my goofiness is new to them. I'm a has been to Kamryn and Clara. I determined to get some better pictures. She really isn't a fan of grass so next try I'm going to avoid it and maybe she'll be a bit more cooperative. I have a couple favorites but out of the 250 pictures I took, these were basically all I got.





"really mom?? you know I hate this stuff!"



Finally cracked a smile



Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

They are so cute and you are so talented!

Tracy and Odie said...

i can't believe how big they are getting. and HOLY COW. that birthday party looks amazing. do you want to plan the party for my baby's one-year? assuming he even decides to leave my stomach?

themacdonnells said...

Wow, Kamryn looks just like you in that last picture! Especially the eyes :)

Jerry Deese said...

Too cute! And the 3rd one up from the bottom made me laugh (I see that look far too often from our youngest).

Jessica said...

That last photo is beautiful. I just love the light!