March 2, 2010

11 Months

This little girl is growing too fast. I can't believe she will be 1 year in a month! She is such a pill but such a joy all at the same time. She's still our chushy girl at a big old 23 lbs! She crawls like a pro, pulls herself up, cruises around the furniture and has even started standing up for several seconds. She has 2 words, "wow" and "uh-oh". She has 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottoms. She loves following everyone around and even though Clara bugs her a lot, she likes to play with her and especially squish her and she's definitely a Daddy's girl. We love this girl so much.


Screwed Up Texan said...

I'm in love with the last photo! Great job!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

The third one needs to be HUGE on your wall!! Gorgeous!!