January 27, 2010

Itty Bitty

This is the smallest newborn I have ever met or maybe even held but to my utter surprise and delight he was the best newborn I have photographed ever, he was only 4 1/2 pounds. Mom made sure his tummy was nice and full before I got there and unfortunately had a rough night before hand but all this equaled the sleepiest baby ever. He was just so sweet and made the sweetest little coos and squeaks. I had so much fun posing him and listening to mom and grandma just giggle over how adorable he was. It made me happy. You might even recognize mom and dad, I photographed their wedding last year. It's was such a treat to be a part of two majorly important events in their lives.

itty bitty


little bear

tiny toes


family portrait


Lacey McKay said...

Preemies are usually really sleepy. It's like they don't realize they've been born yet, or they are preserving all of their energy to eat and grow. Awesome pics Melissa! I want to know where you got that big fuzzy blanket!

Melissa said...

can you believe he wasn't a preemie?? he was just too tied up in the womb and wasn't getting all the nutrients he needed, so glad he came out ok! that blanket is from ikea, actually both are.

Tina said...

Beautiful!! Love the last one of the whole family!

Audrey said...

These are fabulous!! I am sure they will treasure them!!


Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures. JoLynn is a friend of mine.

Jen said...

Awesome pics Melissa...you captured a lot of LOVE there!

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

wow those are amazing!!! did you do those newborn shots with window light?

kristal said...

um, i freaking love that bed! It's amazing!!!!! Great shots...SOOO tiny. boss was 3x that size at birth. haha. great work!