November 22, 2009

Hair Cut

Clara got an unexpected hair cut from her 4 year old cousin. This is obviously after it was fixed. It was quite the ordeal. I think it's pretty cute but I really miss her long hair.




Lacey McKay said...

I love it! Did you see Abbey's? It's not quite as short as Clara's and we still need to grow the bangs out. I don't miss her long hair. It was starting to look stringy and it was definitely time for a cut! I love that pic of clara leaning forward and grinning at the camera! She is such a cute girl.

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

So so cute! Love it! "Only paper...only pink paper!" I can still hear that in my head! :-)

Lacey McKay said...

I want to see what the other girl did to her hair. (before the fix)