October 8, 2009


Well, Robert went back to work today so I think that means he is better. Thankfully non of us are sick and hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf, I really think they have helped keep us going. And thanks to my wonderful mom for the yummy soup, it was nice to get a break. We are still being extra cautious and still not getting to close to him. Clara really misses him and Kamryn looks at him with a "what's going on, why can't you help me?" look. I'm hoping tomorrow we will be back to normal. Here's hoping! And what is a post without a picture of my most willing and adorable model.


Chelsea said...

yay! im so glad yall are okay! no more sickies!! love you guys! maybe next week we can get together and do something!! k is so cute by the way!!

Tracy and Odie said...

hope dear robert continues to feel better! such a cute pic!