October 27, 2009

Beauty and the Mouse

I finally got the girl's Halloween costumes together! My mom made sweet K's Minnie Mouse dress, I love it!! Clara loves being a princess and now she has the crown to prove it. She has wanted to be Sleeping Beauty since day one. It's her favorite movie and she knows all the words to all the songs, impressive huh?? Love these girls!!







Staci said...

Clara looks so beautiful and Kamryn is adorable! I love the Minnie Mouse ears! Did you make the costumes? Hope you have a great Halloween!

kristal said...

SO cute! Do you remember when we lived out there and MY Kamryn was Minnie? Not nearly as cute of a costume as yours though. Love the pink. You're a good mom for dollin em all up like that. I'll be lucky if my kids get their costumes on for Halloween.

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...


therams said...

Too cute.

WhitParks said...

Oh I so love that you curled Sleeping Beauty's hair like that. She has amazing hair.