October 1, 2009

6 months

K had her 6 month check up yesterday and here are her stats:
length: 28 inches, 97th percentile
weight: 18.6 pounds 90th percentile

She's definitely our little chubs!

My wonderful friend Kristal, who just had her sweet baby a couple days ago, made K this quilt. I have been wanting to photograph her with it for a while and today was the perfect day! Isn't that quilt beautiful??

this one is my favorite






Chelsea said...

that quilt is so cute! and so is kamryn!! cant wait to do pictures!! yay!!! you are awesome!

Lacey McKay said...

She and Madison would get along great!

kristal said...

She is sooo round and yummy! I've gotta fatten Pearce up because he has a round face too, and they are soo much cuter with chub!