September 25, 2009

More backyard

Wow, have I been lucky lately, 2 days in a row of sweet Clara letting me take her pictures and willingly!! I'm so glad, I love our over grown backyard right now and I know it needs mowed soon, I'll be sad to see it go. We have also had some beautiful morning glories grace our fence and Clara has learned to climb the fence. I better keep a closer eye on her now :)

for you

morning glory




and i couldn't leave sweet miss k out.

couldn't leave her out


Lacey McKay said...

I love that black and white shot! It's so sweet! I like your overgrown backyard pics too! I tried taking some pics in my bare backyard last night, but they just didn't look the same.

Haylee said...

these are all so so gorgeous melissa! love the chain link fence!

WhitParks said...

smart, trap her on the fence so she HAS to let you take her pic :) JK friend.

themacdonnells said...

Oh my gosh, Kamryn looks so much like Robert in that last picture!