August 14, 2009

Happy Friday

Little girls+etsy+me= no money!! I love finding new treasures on etsy and I'm so glad I have two sweet girls to dress up. At least 1 still lets me take pictures though she has already started to ignore me too. Clara must be having a few chats with her while I'm not looking.

little chubs

I think she looks like my older sister in this picture


Lacey McKay said...

I feel you sister! You should see the digs I bought for my girls on Etsy! They are cute, but sheesh! By the time you add it all up (head to toe on both girls) it adds up! Brian helped me with a photo shoot of them this evening and I can't wait to start editing, so I'll probably post some of my favs tonight! I bought items from four different Etsy sellers to complete the look!

Kristal said...

Mmmm, she is soo prettty. I can't wait to get mine out. I hope I get another chubby one. My etsy cart is full at all times, but I hardly ever have the $$ to actually purchase. haha. One of these days.

Melissa said...

yeah, blame you Lacey, i see all your cute headbands,flowers, outfits and I go nuts :) It's too hard to resist.

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

Melissa, your baby is soooo beautiful! Wow. Just beautiful!