August 20, 2009


...that one word sums up this little guy. The pro of photographing at Las Colinas is it's so beautiful and makes for awesome pictures, the con is there's the canals. Little kids love the canals, little kids would love to jump into the canals if they were given the opportunity. This little guy was WAY more interested in trying to jump into the canals than to have his picture taken. He's a cutie though and I'm glad I'm not pregnant anymore or I would never have been able to keep up!



just chillin



WhitParks said...

Wow, Melissa. These are REALLY nice! Love the sharp capture. I feel signs of a great photographer = natural looking skin in images. You are SO good at that.

M&M said...

i love your work!!! i really wish i'd known you were a photographer while we were there... in case you don't remember me i am your old vt companion now living in Japan! keep up your good work!