August 1, 2009

and puppy dog tails

I have to admit, this session made me really nervous. I'm not a dog person, I don't know how to be a dog person so when I get a session with a dog, i get nervous. Add a 14 month old and I was down right scared. The anxiety didn't go away during the session either. As cute as this little guy and his dog are, they did NOT want me taking their pictures. When one went one way, the other went the complete opposite. I realized there is no way I'm going to be able to pose these guys, so just embrace their curiosity and have some fun. I hope you enjoy your preview Beth. I'm sure you were as nervous as I was about this session but I think we came out pretty good :)

walking his dog


I'm lovin the moody b&w's lately.
so serious

big smiles

you gonna share?


Elizabeth said...

Oh Melissa! They are BEAUTIFUL! And you sure did work HARD for them. I've learned my lesson: next time we stick to the back yard. They are just WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for the preview!

WhitParks said...

Oh CUTE! What a fun request...boy with his doggy. Well, fun for me to look at, not for you to shoot. The first and last are my faves. Perfect expression in the the detail in the dogs fur on the last.