July 27, 2009

Super Cutie Birthday Girl

This little darling is turning 1 in a few weeks and had a great 1st birthday photo shoot. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?? Mom had amazing taste in clothes and had her in the best baby duds I have ever seen!


big blues


birthday girl

sweetest thing

don't eat the rocks


Destiny said...

seriously stylin! i have to try and make that cute cupcake shirt for my maddie... if the mom reads this can you tell us where you shop!!!!

Nancy said...

I must agree with the photographer..This is an adorable little baby.. She is sooo cute! I must say that we are proud to say that is our precious granddaughter!

Randi Ann said...

Great Job Melissa! Everyone loves them!

Destiny - I got her tutu outfit from Ella Bella in Southlake. You can order it or take a closer look at it on Oopsy Daisy's website. (That is who it is made by)

Christen Shanor said...

These photos are FANTASTIC !!! Absolutely gorgeous... the clothes are amazing as well as the bows.. wink wink !