July 30, 2009

sick again

If it's not one sick kid, it's another. Clara woke Robert up at midnight last night with a stomach ache, we didn't think much of it because she says her tummy hurts all the time and we just assume she is hungry so he just took her to the couch to sleep. Out comes the "spills" as we call it. I woke at 2 am to the smells of fabreez and bleach. Poor girl was having a rough night. She had a fever this morning as well but has since had motrin and is doing much better. She hasn't spilled in a couple hours. These nights of no sleep are getting hard on us but I would do anything for this sweet little face.

sweet clara

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WhitParks said...

Ah, I feel so bad for her...she looks SO SAD. Her eyes are really amazing...just like her mama's.