July 9, 2009

just cuz

I have hardly scratched the surface from this past weekends wedding but still want to post some pictures. These were taken last week before vacation and before my 50mm 1.4 went kaput. Luckily it's in the shop but I'm dying without it!! Sweet Kamryn has been sick the past couple of days, I miss her sweet smile. Sick babies are the worst but she is getting better and sadly she slept more at night when she was sick then when she was better :) Oh well, we love her anyway. She's a good 14 lbs now! Big girl!





Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh course the black and white photo with droolies just melted my heart. She is a cutie!

kristal said...

Aww, she's soo pretty! Those first 2 are beautiful shots! I LOVE EM! Um, and 14lbs...I'm planning on this baby being born at 13. ug! and I love the name of the last commenter. Awesome!