June 4, 2009

Sweet Moments

I was a fly on the wall as Clara and Robert interacted yesterday. This was literally minutes after Robert walked through the door from work. She gets so excited for him to be home. He was worn out but more than willing to play. I am so glad I have such a sweet husband who loves his girls so much and loves more than anything spending time with his family. We love you too!

kisses for daddy

No Rest

I'm so glad when daddy comes home


Karon said...

Those are the three most precious pictures I've ever seen.

Heaven said...

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Wow... Fantastic pictures.

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Kristal said...

Aww, bob's the sweetest. These are great shots. I LOVE that middle one! I need to capture these types of moments more often...even while I don't like my husband for getting me pregnant...haha.
Um, not to be gross, but Clara looks pretty passionate in that first shot...you bettered watch her in HS...don't let her get around any of Jason's boys....he was a mack daddy in HS...I'm hoping the kids don't get it from him!

Sally said...

Awww... Melt my heart. :)