June 30, 2009

fly away

Clara has quite the imagination and told me "Clara needs wings so she can fly high in the sky". She also likes to talk in third person. She's such a little girl, I love it.

We are headed out of town for a couple days. Miss us and have a happy 4th.

"clara needs wings so she can fly high in the sky"

little angel

little angel 2


Nicki Wilson said...

You have the cutest girls! I LOVE your pictures. I seriously wished I lived back home so I could have you take pictures when we have our baby.

Dawn said...

Too cute. I love that last one, it makes my heart just melt. Do you make your own templates like the ones you used in this post and in the toe painting one, or can you purchase these somewhere? --Dawn

Andrienne said...

absolutely LOVE it!

Tina said...

How sweet! Little girls are so fun!

Melissa said...

dawn, i just make them myself in photoshop, it's really easy.