June 26, 2009

diva diaries: painted piggies

Clara is a true diva, or I guess most would call it a toddler :) I love her to death but she is so strong willed and independent, so I decided to document her diva dealings by calling it the diva diaries. Today's dealings involved her having to paint her toes by herself, or as she says "my do it". She was quite insistent on painting them pink but knowing that a 2 year old + hot pink nail polish = big mess, I talked her into painting them, as she calls them "sparkles".

more painted piggies

painted fingers



Lacey McKay said...

I love how she has her little chin resting on her knee! So cute! I also am really loving your processing lately! I want to know what you are doing! You are inspiring me to take more pics of Abbey doing everyday things. I just wish my house had more natural light. I always have to make her move into better light and that just seems to kill the moment. Ugh.

Tina said...

so, so cute! Gabby & Clara would get along great! :)