May 28, 2009

Zoo & Memorial day

Clara and I had a fun time at the zoo yesterday with Robert's family. It was a beautiful day and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Clara did a great job though she was surprisingly afraid of a lot of things. I guess the last time we were at the zoo she was 18 months so she really didn't know much about animals or especially SNAKES! I don't know where kids get their sense of fear, she has never come across a snake, I don't talk about snakes like they are scary but man, she was a kid on edge in the reptile exhibit. She kept her distance and if you even mentioned her going and seeing a snake she would get all rigid and say over and over "I don't want to!". I felt bad for her. She did enjoy the turtles... until she realized there were snakes all around them too!! We didn't spend much time in there. And don't get me started about the alligators. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since she wont even get near the alligator at the mall. She wasn't too thrilled about the monkeys either, though I'm not sure why. We had a good time though. I guess animals are just more fun on the tv :)


And these pictures were from Memorial day. We had a nice, relaxing day in which I got to sleep in!! (I love those days) Then later that night we went to my parents and of course the kids couldn't resist the fridged pool! I don't know how they do it. We had a delicious bbq and some yummy ice cream. Mine was confiscated by Miss Clara. When I get down to the cone, she takes it because that is her favorite part. She was really enjoying it.


And of course Miss K enjoying the great outdoors with grandma.

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Destiny said...

I love Miss K's expression! How's it going with the picture thieves?