May 30, 2009

sling baby

I have had this sling since Clara was a newborn and she never liked it. I've thought about selling it or giving it away because I just don't think I know how to use them and since Clara didn't like it I didn't thing Kamryn would either. I've tried her in it before and she wasn't too sure about it. It's been rolled up with the blankets for about 6 weeks now. I have been trying to do my Saturday cleaning and she just wont be happy lying by herself so I decided to give it another try and of course, she falls right to sleep. Maybe this means she is going to be my snuggely baby. Clara sure wasn't. I think I can be ok with that :)

sling baby


WhitParks said...

OK, I gotta know...who took the pic if she is sleeping in the sling on you? Cute baby.

Melissa said...

it wasn't easy :)

Sally said...

Adorable :)