May 22, 2009

Give Me Hugs

Clara is just so sweet to Kamryn, I'm excited I finally caught it on video. This is just a little taste of the love she gives to her, she's so sweet and Kamryn doesn't seem to mind. Lately she has been copying EVERYTHING I say so now she sees her and in her highest pitch voice, "Hey pretty girl", though it is more jumbled into one word. She even shares her "stitch" (blanket) which she doesn't share with anyone. I hope they are able to have the same wonderful relationship with eachother as I have with my sisters, I hope they are best friends.

Give Me Hugs from Melissa Fullmer on Vimeo.



Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

So sweet! Makes me want a little sister for my little one after watching that!

Lacey McKay said...

I tried to take a pic of my girls together today and it did NOT work out well at all! Somebody was always mad. I like how yours looks so relaxed. I think I was expecting too much from my girls. Instead of dressing them up and trying to make them pose, I just need to put them in some good light and let them play and snuggle and capture them being themselves instead. Those are the kind of pics I'll cherish more anyway! Great job Melissa. I love the video and the pic! I think this might be the first time I've ever heard Miss Clara's voice!

Staci said...

Melissa, that is so amazingly sweet! You are the best mom!! It was amazing how nurturing Clara is to Kamryn. Thank you for sharing this! I am sure they will be the best of friends.

Sally said...

Oh my heck, that was the cutest video. I love kids, they are so fun :)