May 8, 2009

Cuteness x2

I just love having 2 little girls. Clara is so sweet to Kamryn and loves to sit and hold her hand, she pats her head and tells her it's ok and immediately alerts me when she is crying. She always wants to sit by her when she's eating and she gives her kisses all the time. I'm so glad she is so nice to her.


Kamryn is growing like a champ! She's 10 lbs + and is getting to be more alert. She smiles all the time though I have yet to catch one. She LOVES to be held, probably too much, but we love holding her. She's getting to be a good sleeper at night and her longest stretch so far was 7 hours! We love her to pieces and think she is the cutest thing.


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Sally said...

Wow, I got way behind! Beautiful pics--I think my fave is the series of Clara that ends in running from the bugs :) Your baby is just adorable.