July 2, 2008

Rainy Wedding

Last weekend I help Mrs. Destiny with another wedding. It started out such a beautiful sunny day. This couple was smart and had their pictures taken before the sealing while it was still bearable outside.






My favorite ring shot ever.


Shortly after their reception started some big, dark clouds came rolling through.


And didn't stop even though it was time for them to leave. About 30 people were smooshed onto this tiny little porch, me being right in front of the bride ready for them to take off. Little did I know that being where I was meant handfuls of bird seeds being thrown at my head.... camera... down my shirt.... maybe it wasn't the best place to stand.



Janika said...

Love the unique angles and distances--and what's a little brid seed in your bra for such a great shot.

Destiny said...

These are gorgeous, as usual, but the colors are especially stunning. I still can't believe I did this one 8 months preggers, thank goodness I had you :)

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

Love them! My favorite is the close up of the bride (love that angle) and the AWESOME ring shot of course. :) What a gorgeous couple and wedding. Great job!

by: Brian and Lacey McKay said...

What a gorgeous bride! And I love that ring shot too!

Hallenbergers said...

THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! That ring shot is GREAT!!! One of my favorites too! I love all of these...great work, AGAIN!

Chelsea said...

great pictures, she looked beautiful and i loved her dress! great job!

Andrea said...

Maybe it wasn't the best place to stand but it sure made for a great picture!

Andrea :)