July 15, 2008


Every little girl needs a pair of pink shoes.






Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

So cute! I LOVE the PP on these! Did you use actions?

Tina said...

These are adorable! Where did you find her cute shoes?

Tracy said...

Man, your little girl is SO cute. I need to meet her!

Melissa said...

Melissa, i used lily blue's honey action. Tina, i got them from the Gap, i couldn't resist! Tracy, yes you do!!!!!

Andrea said...

Love those shoes! Got to find some for Kinsley. Love her expression on the last one; fits so perfectly withthe apple and the chair. Love Lily Blue's stuff looks great!

kristal said...

Those are soo cute. Um, ok since you have a girl and I don't and B has about 4 pairs of See Kai Run shoes and I really want to get him the pink sneakers...can you get them for clara. They are soo cute!!!!