July 11, 2008


Clara has really been into dressing up lately. I'll put her in her basic clothes for the day, and if she hears the words "bye-bye" she thinks she needs to put everything on in her closet. It starts with "Let's get your shoes" then she proceeds to point out what else she wants to wear or say what she needs. Today was "sock", 'poorse", "at", and she doesn't know how to say glasses yet so she just got them on her own. We were leaving to do some shopping and I had no intention of photographing her. I was already sitting in the car waiting for Robert & Clara to come out but when she was strutting her stuff, I had to run back in and get my camera. It made me laugh. She looks like such a little movie star.


She's waving to her fans :)



kristal said...

She's adorable!!! kam likes to do this, but she doesn't look as glam as Clara. She usually ends up with a pink rainboot and a froggy rainboot, the boys baseball cap and some cute frilly dress. bah! I need to give her some fashion 101 eduction!

Andrea said...

haha!!!! i love it!! i hope Tessa likes to dress up but knowing my luck she will be the biggest tomboy ever!

by: Brian and Lacey McKay said...

Ha! Too cute! Sounds like she takes after you and your love of fashion. Abbey wants to wear as few articles of clothing as she can get away with. She'll sacrifice fashion for comfort any day of the week. Much like myself. When she's in her diaper and I say "let's get dressed", her response is usually, "jammies?" That's my girl! :)

themacdonnells said...

Yeah, your next one had better be just as cute, but they have a lot to hold up to! She is sooo stinkin' cute! Theron is available..... ;)