May 20, 2008

Too Much

I really do blog too much. I seem to think of a reason to post almost every day. I bet some of you can't even keep up!!! I just love sharing!

Yesterday evening Robert decided it was time to mow our over grown yard. The backyard seriously had not been mowed since we moved in. Clara was being a spectator from the back door and being ever so cute as she is and since she put her shoes on herself, I knew she wanted to go out there too. So of course I let her. It was a beautiful evening. It hasn't been humid here lately which I LOVE! If Texas weren't humid, I seriously wouldn't mind living here. Clara loves to play outside, she loves animals and we have some friendly birdies outside that she likes to run up to and say hi. They fly away and she gets rather disappointed. She even waves high to the littlest ant trying to run as fast as he can so she doesn't squish him with her finger.

Clara has gotten really good at labeling her body parts, though the belly button was one of the firsts. I never did get a picture of it though. Her new discoveries have been her chin and her elbow.

Dad proceeded to work on the front yard and Clara just casually watched from the porch. She looks so grown up.

Moments after this she found a spot on the side of the house with LOTS of dirt. So playtime was over and bath time commenced. She didn't mind.

Ok, so no blogging from me for a couple days, I really am going to get some work done.

And thank you all SOOOO very much for all your comments, they really do mean a lot to me. And for all you locals, I'm conjuring up a sweet summer deal so get your outfits ready now :)


Chelsea said...

These are so cute!!and you could blog twice a day and it wouldnt be too much for me!! i love reading and seeing your stuff!!!!

Andrea said...

i love the one with her in front of the sliding glass door, too cute!!! OK let me know about the summer deal! I cant wait!!

Haylee said...

I don't think it's possible to blog too much LOL! Clara is so stinking cute & I love her name. I love her outfit too. The last 4 images are gorgeous! Our (us photogs) kids are so lucky to have pictures like this of them :) Don't you think? :)

Jen said...

She's just so dang cute!
We've got our outfits ready!

Andrea said...

I never get sick of your blog! Darling pics!