May 6, 2008


I love finding old pictures that make me giggle.


Andrea said...

That face it too funny!!!

kristal said...

ha! I was just on Britta (from our biggest loser competition)'s blog, cause I don't know her, and I clicked on the first pepole on her "peeps" list and then on travis and Amber, and I saw Fullmers, and it some fullmers that hav eyou on their link list. Love the 5 degrees of seperation!!!

Jaime Mitchell said...

Hi Melissa! I am the mother of Haylee Bean's cover girl that you just commented on and I'm just getting started out here in NY with a photo biz of my own. I'm doing a wedding later this year and wondered if you would tell me what lens you use most, which one you can't live without? I would appreciate any tips you have for me as well, I think your pictures are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much in email is