April 27, 2008

New Room|Old Friends

It's been a while since Clara has had a room all to herself. I thought she would be afraid of the big, pink room. Usually the first few nights in a new place really freaks her out and she will wake up at least 2 or 3 times. I think she knew it was her very own room and it made her feel better. And boy is it pink! She loves her crib too, she's been sleeping in a pack'n'play for almost a year so I don't blame her. I've been enjoying my own bed as well!


Kristal said...

She is about the sweetest looking little girl EVER!!!! We totally feel your pain. It was soo great to get out of my parents house....though we're still in a freaking rental! BLAH! These pictures are soo sweet

Andrea said...

I love the second picture it is almost like she is saying "mom why do you do this to me? Please stop!" She is too cute! Glad you are enjoying your new place

Chelsea said...

She is so adorable. i love the second one!! Its going to be so fun having yall close!! the girls were so cute at church today!!