March 10, 2008


For the past 8 months I feel like I have been a bad first time mom. For the first year of Clara's life I was doing so well at recording every move she made but since our lives haven't really been all together with this whole house renovation going on, I have not been able to keep up. I feel like I'm missing so much and that I'm going to forget it all! So this post is dedicated to what Clara has been up to lately.

First off, she has almost all her teeth except for a few molars, she has started going to nursery, and she can now use a fork and spoon with ease.

Her first words were "Uh-Oh", "Shoe" and "Duck" but she can now say cheese or "eesh", cracker "caa-caa", cookie "cook-cook", sock "ock", mama, dada, grandma or "ma-ma-ma", papa, ball, bowl, car, baby or "bee-bee", fish "ish", banana or "nana", bath and "uh-uh". I know there are a couple more words but I can't think of them at the moment.

She can locate her hair, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, head, ears, belly button, tummy, hands, fingers, toes, and feet.

She can quack for a duck (thanks papa), bark for a puppy, meow for a cat, tweet for a bird, roar for a lion," ooh-ooh-ah-ah" for a monkey (my personal favorite), rib-it for a frog, moo for a cow and vroom for a car.

She loves to read, take baths, put on everyone's shoes, brush her hair, play on the computer and piano, jabber on the phone, play outside and dig in the dirt. She also enjoys long walks on the beach (just kidding, it was starting to sound like a personal ad :)

To sum it all up, she's pretty much the cutest thing in the world and when I watch her it makes my heart skip a beat.


Chelsea said...

She is so cute! And you have been an AMAZING mother. She is so sweet and smart and cute!!!And a handful of other things. You should be so proud!!!

Tina said...

awww, I love the pictures...especially the 2nd one! Time flies doesn't it? I love how photos freeze the moment :)

Destiny said...

She always has the cutest outfits on... I can't wait for out little girl to get here so I can dress her up! I have fun with Lyndon doing boy stuff but I am excited to do some girly stuff now too!

themacdonnells said...

She's a complete package with her super cute pink jellies!!!! You're doing a great job Melissa!

Tiffany said...

Clara is too cute! Can you believe how fast they grow up?

Jen said...

Kudos to you for journaling her milestones - these precious children grow up so fast - you'll be so glad you kept a record of all her wonderfulness!