February 14, 2008

Two Lips

My sweet valentine bought me red tulips (we both think red roses are cliche) for this day of love, I couldn't have been more excited. Neither of us are really big fans of the commercialism of holidays so it is fun to think outside the box and do something creative. I got red tulips and a rectangle box of Pot of Gold chocolates and he got homemade fortune cookies with reeces pieces in them and some chocolates from Clara.

Anyways, I basically have the sweetest husband in the world, he is so thoughtful. He actually brought the flowers and chocolates home last night because he wanted me to have a whole day of enjoying them instead of just a night. It's the little things that he does that or says that just makes me melt. I love you so much Robert, you really are the man of my dreams :) I hope everyone's Valentine's day is just as special.

What better way to enjoy the flowers than to photograph them :)

had a droopy one already

I really wish I had a macro lens


Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

How sweet! Tulips are my favorite flower. The shots are awesome without the macro, but you deserve one. ;) I'm loving these textures!

The McKays said...

GORGEOUS! Now you will be able to enjoy them forever! Love the texture on the last one!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

Ok, just had to give an update because my hubby just had red tulips delivered to my office. I thought it was too funny after reading your post just moments ago! :)

Hallenbergers said...

WOW Those pic are incredable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and textures! What action(if any) and textures did you use?!! Love them!


Melissa said...

The action is Pussycat Superstar and i got it on the PIF blog for free, awesome huh! The texture i also got off the PIF blog.

That is funny Melissa, glad your hubby knows what you like :) I loved having flowers delivered to the office, made me feel special

Kristal said...

Aww. pot of gold always reminds me of you. I'm glad you had a good one.