November 28, 2007

Love & Friendship

These are our fabulous friends who I had so much fun photographing, aren't they adorable? I enjoy most of all photographing friends because they are so easy to work with and I already know there pictures will be awesome, because any friend of mine is awesome! And they have adorable children. There little boy is only about 6 months older than Clara and he's already a lady killer! I hope you enjoy your pictures.

Not only did we have fun with our friends, but Clara found love :)
And my new favorite picture!


Karon said...

These pictures are all great. What a precious family! I especially love that last one. I'm jealous that you aren't closer by, so we could use your services too!

Chelsea said...

Oh man those are so cute!!! watch out Robert, Clara is on the move!! ha ha!! that was too cute!! we need to schedual ours???

The McKays said...

What a beautiful little family! I love the one of the mom by herself, looking over her shoulder. Just beautiful. You really do an awesome job! I wish you were here to take some family pics for us!

Tina said...

What a beautiful family and gorgeous photos! I love the last one too!

Kristal said...

Ok, although that last picture is just about the cutest thing I've seen all year, I'm not goin to show Bossy, otherwise that kid will be in serious trouble...even though he is a tad bit cuter than my bossy.

Beautiful family. That mom is gorgeous!!!!