October 1, 2007

No where to go

Ever since I quit work my days are a lot less busy and a lot more boring. I find myself watching disney channel all morning with Clara and never changing out of my pajamas, is that how it's supposed to be? I find the only thing that gets me motivated to get dressed is if I want to go shopping and seeing as we need to be better savers I'm not even able to do that anymore. What do all you other mom's do with your time?? How do you maintain your sanity from watching kid cartoons all day? I feel like Dallas is the worst place to live for families because it is so crowded, hot, and no family friendly places to go. Any suggestions??


The McKays said...

I'm shocked to hear you say this because with everything you do, I was just sure you were running around at a million miles an hour all the time. I actually admire the fact that you are able sit and watch cartoons with your baby. I don't have much patience for that. When I need a break, I pop in a Baby Einstein video for Abbey and go off and do my own thing for a while (edit pics, check email, clean the house, call a friend, etc)

When we do go out, we usually meet friends at the park, go shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target, or kids consignments shops, or we go to my aunt's house for "Craft Day". We also spend a ton of time in the backyard, watering the plants, kicking the ball for the dog, or pulling her around the yard in her wagon.

I can honestly say that I am never bored. I always have a million projects going on simultaneously. Sometimes I think about going back to work part time, but it's just because I need a way to pay for all of the craft projects I have going on.

But I am with you on the whole pajama issue. I will stay in my pj's all day, unless we are going somewhere or expecting visitors. I will change about 30 minutes before Brian gets home, so that he won't make fun of me.

I wish you guys lived closer to us! Most of my friends work full time, so it would be nice to have another stay-at-home mom to hang out with! We could sit around and discuss photography all day long and take pictures of our babies playing together. :)

My best friend from high school lives in Dallas too, but she works full time. We still talk on the phone every single day.

Brooke said...

You should check and see if your area has a kids museum close. We have one and my kids love it. I got a membership about a year ago and they are loving that. We are never bored, stir crazy maybe, not bored. I have the days too when I can't go anywhere things need to be done around the house so kid shows it is. BTW, I didn't even shower until 3:00 today! It's normal!